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1910 Tomekichi Shimada, the first president, begins business as a machinery company of pharmaceutical products.
1928 Kikusui Seisakusho & Co. is established as a result of a partnership, with Tomekichi Shimada as representative partner.
The first rotary presses is produced.
1935 The head office and factory are moved to the present site.
1940 Kikusui Machinery Co., Ltd. is founded, with Tomekichi Shimada as president.
1952 The sales division of Kikusui Seisakusho & Co. is transferred to Kikusui Machinery Co., Ltd., whereby the company name is changed to Kikusui Seisakusho Ltd.
1952 The late Tomekichi Shimada is replaced by Yasuo Shimada as president of Kikusui Seisakusho Ltd.
Mr. Yasuo Shimada is also appointed as representative partner of Kikusui Seisakusho & Co.
1957 The High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine is first produced.
1961 The Tokyo Sales Office is established.
1966 The Numazu branch office is established.
The Automatic Weight Checker (AWC) for Tablet Press is first produced.
1968 The Kyoto Main Factory is expanded.
1974 The high-pressure Rotary Tablet Press Machine for Epoxy Resin is first produced.
1979 The first of the Clean Press Correct Series is produced in compliance with GMP.
1981 The Automatic Control (AC) is first produced.
1982 The world’s largest, the Tough Press Correct 8012 KS is produced.
1983 The first of the VG Coater Series is produced.
1985 Kikusui makes an investment in UMI, its U.S.-based subsidiary.
1986 The first of the Lead Press Correct Series is produced.
1991 Yasuo Shimada is appointed chairman, with Keiji Shimada becoming president.
1994 Open a new sales office in Shizuoka.
1995 The Water Washable Vacuum Drying Tablet Press AQUARIUS is first produced.
1996 The first of the AQUARIUS -DV is produced. It has visual coreless inspection system by CCD camera.
1996 Start sales partnership with AEROMATIC-FIELDER LIMITED (United Kingdom) to introduce High shear & Fruid bed granulation system in Japan market.
1996 Kyoto Shimada building is completed.
1997 The New Tokyo office opens at Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
1999 The External Lubrication System (ELS) is introduced. The ELS enabled to product the tablet does not contain the lubricant internally.
2003 The first of the High Containment tablet press AQUARIUS C is produced.
2003 The Shizuoka branch office is integrated to Tokyo office.
2005 Kikusui acquires entirely UMI and fully subsidiary company, becomes KIKUSUI USA INC.
2005 The first of the global model AQUARIUS G is produced.
2006 The Dainagon factory is opened in Uji, Kyoto.
2011 The new single stroke press, CRUX is produced for initial development of pharma products.
2011 The KIKUSUI EUROPE, S.R.L. is established in Milan Italy as the subsidiary company of KIKUSUI USA INC to start manufacturing the Tablet presses.
2012 Planning to build a new factory & office in Kyoto.
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