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Ancillary equipment

Basi Information
Model ELS 
Machine Name External Lubrication System 
The built-in External Lubrication System provides the latest tableting technology to prevent typical tableting problems. 
Introduction Typical granule / powder blends contain Magnesium Stearate as an internal lubricant to help prevent of tablet sticking and reduce die friction. This often results in softer tablets and poor dissolution.
The ELS is a system designed to spray a measured amount of lubricant onto punch tips and die bores to create a lubricant film on those surfaces. The ELS helps prevent typical tableting problems that are associated with the use of internal lubricants. 

Lubricant Feeder "μR"
Electrostatic Corona Discharge

Image Model Machine Name Description
LIBRA2  High Speed Medium-sized Tablet Press  The reliable production scale rotary press with cGMP compliance. 
VELA G  Laboratory Scale Rotary Tablet Press  The latest Laboratory scale rotary press with turret exchange capability for R & D use.  
AQUARIUS G-J  High Speed Tablet Press, Turret exchangeability  Provide the latest technology to execute high & Stable tableting production for pharmaceuticals. 

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