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Model Deduster 
Machine Name Deduster 
Kikusui offers reliable dedusting system with our rotary presses. 
Introduction There are two types to remove dust from the tablets. One is Conventional spiral type, the other is Vertical vibratory type.
Conventional type: Conventional spiral type tablet dedusters are available. They use a motordriven rotary spiral that simultaneously conveys to horizontal and dedusts the tablets.
Vertical vibratory: The vertical vibratory deduster uses vibration to convey the product upward in a spiral along a smooth, perforated surface. As the deduster conveys the tablets, they rub against one another and shed their burrs. 

Conventional type
Washable Vertical vibratory type
Conbined unit with Metal detector

Image Model Machine Name Description
LIBRA2  High Speed Medium-sized Tablet Press  The reliable production scale rotary press with cGMP compliance. 
VIRGO  High Speed Small-sized Tablet Press  Small but Versatile 
AQUARIUS Containment  High Speed / High Containment Tablet Press  Rotary tablet press which secures operator from potent compounds with high containment and WIP technology. 
AQUARIUS G-J  High Speed Tablet Press, Turret exchangeability  Provide the latest technology to execute high & Stable tableting production for pharmaceuticals. 
HERCULES 2  Medium-sized / High Tonnage Rotary Tablet Press  The reliable production scale rotary press with cGMP compliance. 
LIBRA 2-DC  Dry-Coater Rotary Tablet Press  Dry coating rotary press with secure coreless monitoring system for production scale. 
NEW GEMINI  High-speed Double-sided Rotary Tablet Press  Double-sided tablet press with the largest output for pharmaceutical field. 
NEW GEMINI-3L  Tri-layer Rotary Tablet Press  Production scale Tri-layer rotary press with unique design. 
NEW GEMINI 1545  Double sided / High Tonnage Rotary Tablet Press  Robust designed, high tonnage, double sided tablet press for large sized and difficult-to-compress product. 
NEW GEMINI 1545-2L  High-Compression Bi-layer Rotary Tablet Press  Production scale Bi-layer rotary press with B/55stns or D/45stns. 

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