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Ancillary equipment

Basi Information
Model TMD 
Machine Name Tablet Tester 
Automatic tablet testing system for physical parameters (weight, thickness, diameter and hardness) 
Introduction TMD measures tablet gross weight, individual tablet weight, thickness and haardness. All data can be retrieved and stored with your corresponding batch files. TMD van be used as an inline system with the tablet press or as an independent system.(Stand alone) 

Top View
Tablet Orientation
Measurement portion

Image Model Machine Name Description
LIBRA2  High Speed Medium-sized Tablet Press  The reliable production scale rotary press with cGMP compliance. 
AQUARIUS Containment  High Speed / High Containment Tablet Press  Rotary tablet press which secures operator from potent compounds with high containment and WIP technology. 
AQUARIUS G-J  High Speed Tablet Press, Turret exchangeability  Provide the latest technology to execute high & Stable tableting production for pharmaceuticals. 
LIBRA 2-DC  Dry-Coater Rotary Tablet Press  Dry coating rotary press with secure coreless monitoring system for production scale. 
NEW GEMINI  High-speed Double-sided Rotary Tablet Press  Double-sided tablet press with the largest output for pharmaceutical field. 
NEW GEMINI-3L  Tri-layer Rotary Tablet Press  Production scale Tri-layer rotary press with unique design. 

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