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Basic information
Model VELA G
Machine Name Laboratory Scale Rotary Tablet Press
The latest Laboratory scale rotary press with turret exchange capability for R & D use.
Introduction The VELA G is a small-scale rotary tablet press. It is ideally suited for a wide range of Research & Development applications. Due to its unique design, very small amount of granulation are required to produce high quality tablet samples. Vela's very compact and simple design allow for it to be used in very small area. Turret exchangeability is a standard feature with Vela, this feature makes the machine very flexible by allowing for the machine very flexible by allowing for the use of TSM-B and TSM-D tooling in the same machine, as well as making the machine very easy to clean after use.

Turret Exchangeability
Punch & Die Installation
Very compact & Simple design

Basic specifications
No of stations 12 
Type of tooling
Max. pressure (kN) Pre5/Main50  Pre5/Main50 
Max. tablet diameter (mm) 16  25 
Turret speed (rpm) 10-40  10-40 
Tablets / hr 7,200-28,800  4,800-19,200 
Filling depth (mm) 1-16  1-16 
Tablet thickness (mm) 0-8  0-8 
Main motor (kW) 1.5  1.5 
Dimensions (W*D*H mm) 700X450X1,254  700X450X1,254 
Weight (kg) 630  630 

Image Model Machine Name Introduction
ELS  External Lubrication System  The built-in External Lubrication System provides the latest tableting technology to prevent typical tableting problems. 

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