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Basic information
Model LIBRA 2-DC
Machine Name Dry-Coater Rotary Tablet Press
Dry coating rotary press with secure coreless monitoring system for production scale.
Introduction The LIBRA 2-DC has Tablet in tablet capability with easy-to-adjust core supply mechanisms and easy-to-operate controls. During production, it is precise monitoring for core feeding condition. Coreless tablets are detected & rejected accurately by this coreless monitoring system.

Core Transfer Disc

Basic specifications
No of stations 45  36 
Type of tooling BB 
Max. pressure (kN) Pre80/Main80  Pre80/Main80 
Max. tablet diameter (mm) 11  16 
Turret speed (rpm) 15-35  15-35 
Tablets / hr 40,500-94,500  32,400-75,600 
Filling depth (mm) (1)1-6/(2)4-14  (1)1-6/(2)4-14 
Tablet thickness (mm) 0-5  0-5 
Main motor (kW) 5.5  5.5 
Dimensions (W*D*H mm) 1,070X940X1,880  1,070X940X1,880 
Weight (kg) 2,500  2,500 

Image Model Machine Name Introduction
Deduster  Deduster  Kikusui offers reliable dedusting system with our rotary presses. 
Metal Detector  Metal Detector  Detection system for metallic contaminants in pharma tablets at the outlet of the press  
TMD  Tablet Tester  Automatic tablet testing system for physical parameters (weight, thickness, diameter and hardness) 

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